Destination wedding photographer,MemoryBox Photography,mexico wedding photographer,photographer,portrait photographer,portrait photography,riviera maya,tulum portraits,tulum wedding photographer,1. My first pet was a rabbit. I named her White Rabbit. Original.

2. I was the Capitan of my high school dive team. It’s something I just did for fun, but I can trace some of my posing techniques back to my diving form! Thanks, FMHS.

3. My natural hair style is some form of half-wavy, half straight, kind of just a mess. So if you’re the kind of girl who always has to pull out a straighter or curling iron – girl, I feel you. Every. Single. Day.

4. I can’t cook. Like, I’ve messed up hamburger helper kind of cooking. But I can bake your socks off. So if you need some cookies or cupcakes at a pot luck, I’m your gal.

5. Growing up I wanted to be a teacher. I had a crazy obsession with school supplies and writing on chalkboards. I would line up all my stuffed animals and practice my vertical writing for hours. I really find it ironic that instead of having a career that gives me summers off, summer is my busiest season!

6. I’m a white wine girl. So much in fact, I couldn’t even test the red wine we had at our own wedding! I just had to trust my friends reviews when deciding what to stock.

7. My best friend and I would have our own twin day in High School. We both had a pair of terrible yellow jeans that we would wear together. Or old ugly sweaters we had found at the thrift store. It really did look as bad as it sounds. But we were perfectly okay with that. If you’re going to be weird, just embrace it. And look at us now, Ugly Sweater Parties are a thing!

8. Frozen Yogurt is a food group right?

9. I’m super left handed. And I say super, because there are very few things that I do with my right hand. From bowling, to shooting, to brushing my teeth, It’s all my left hand.

10. I am absolutely in love with love. Like, this isn’t a sales gimmick. I grew up on Disney Princesses and lifetime movies and I didn’t just watch them – I ate them up. Being that fly on the wall during one of the most love-influenced times in a couples lives is the best thing I could ever think of. Ingrid Michaelson had the right idea. Because if Love really could pay the bills, I could give Bill Gates a run.

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