Some couples, like Chip and Joanna Gaines are “cool” enough to not even own a TV.

Others, like us, turn ours on every night. I work really hard to never turn it on during the day. Lord knows I don’t need another distraction! But as soon as Kyle walks in he loves to see if there’s anything new, or just re-watch our favorites. But every once in a while we get stuck in a rut. And much like the good-ol days of satellite, Netflix and Hulu can feel like 200 channels with nothing good to watch!

So, just for fun Kyle and I decided to round up our favorite shows for the month of April! Some are new, others are tv sitcoms that have been around a good while. But regardless, they are worth a watch, a binge and even a rewatch.

Have a great show you think we should check out?! Let us know in the comments! 2018-04-20_0003.jpg

Okay, Okay – who hasn’t seen the office?!
Well up until recently – neither of us had. I know it might seem crazy but we just never caught the bug when The Office first came on.
It took our friends Daniel and Amber
 convincing us to give it a shot for us to finally fall in love with the Dunder Mifflin gang. A
And once we started it was easy to root for adorable Pam and Jim and to fall in love with Dwights quirks.

If you’ve seen it – totally worth a re-watch. If not, we are not responsible for the hours of productivity lost during your binge watch of their 9 seasons!

Since we don’t have littles we are a couple years behind on the animated movie scene. And in full honesty, we actually put this on to fall asleep to one night.
Two hours later we were still up laughing. There’s enough adult humor that its fun, even without kids. As for the Muhr household right now – Puppies are definitely winning.

Danger, Will Robinson!
If you watched the original 1960’s Lost in Space – there’s a 50/50 chance you are going to hate this show. That’s according to Kyle – who watched the original.
If you’re like me and never saw the first show then this new one isn’t going to come with any baggage!
It’s a reboot of the original, with some pretty big changes. If you’re into scifi or good family drama this is the show for you. The first season just came out and is only 10 episodes long so it’s easy to catch up.
Just please note that you will probably end up absolutely hating one of the characters. Kyle and I kept wishing they would get killed off. We’re all for antagonists but ones with absolutely zero redeeming qualities – ugh. That was hard.
Other than that we loved the show. It’s fast and doesn’t really give you time to breathe. Which depending on how you look at it is exciting or exhausting.
Either way – it’s worth a try.
Okay, so this one is allllll Sam. Kyle isn’t a fan. But I just love it. It’s definitely a little bit dated, having started in 2007, but I just love the characters. Both female leads are strong and the humor is on point. Plus, anything to do with weddings and marriage is for me!
If you’re looking for something other than Friends or Gilmore Girls this is it!
My favorite character – Timmy.
So we’re closet history nerds. And, like some obsessed with Europe. Sooooo, when Netflix came out with a series all about the Queen we immediately jumped on it!!
And if we’re being honest, Matt Smith didn’t hurt to sweeten the pot.
A mix of history and made up (really fun) drama help to make this show a total win for us! The only thing we didn’t like – who they got to play Kennedy. No, just no.

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