Happy Thursday friends! I can’t believe we’re already back here! These days things just seem to go by so fast! That is one reason why I started Thursday Thoughts – just to take a moment and remember everything that made our week so fun and fast-paced. So if you missed last weeks wrap-up head here first and then – well read on for some fun, maybe-something, maybe-nothing moments from our week!




We opened up the door, walked into a large empty room, and just smiled. Slowly we wandered from room to room, even though we had already been in the whole place. We carried little Porter out to the backyard. He was so small, just fifteen weeks, and the grass tickled his belly and sides as he wandered around looking for his new “spot”. We popped a bottle of cheap champagne open and clinked glasses. Holding each other in the middle of the new-to-us kitchen, everything that had just happened slowly started to sink in. It really happened, this wasn’t just a dream. We had the keys, and no one was going to tell us we couldn’t paint the walls.

We were officially homeowners!

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Happy Thursday Friends!!

So I saw a post the other day that talked about how forever is made of lots of little “nows” So i really wanted to start remembering all of the little things that mean nothing, or everything but really make up our week. So, say hello to my Thursday Thoughts! It’s definitely one of my more personal post series, but I’m really excited for it! So hopefully you had some really great moments to remember that bring you a little closer to the weekend! Here we go!!
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