Okay, everyone. Here is my spoiler alert. My PSA and my warning.

This blog post is about it get a little heavy, as real as it gets and maybe has a little more attitude than I usually share. But if you ever wonder if you are alone in anything. This might just be for you.

We all have those days. The ones where you just want to pull the covers over your eyes and never leave your bed.

It may be because you finally have to face a problem you’ve been putting off. Or you know that today is going to be full of confrontation, disagreement or maybe a no when you really wanted a yes.
We all have them. But in spite of that fact, when it’s your day you end up feeling like you’re all alone. And I’m saying this because today is my day.


I wasn’t paying attention and I let the hard stuff get to me. I let myself worry that 2018 is going to fall short of my goal. I let my self worry about spending time on things that I can’t even control. I let someone’s inconsiderate actions keep me up at night when I knew that their actions don’t define my self-worth. I let small comments dig under my skin and make me wonder if I really was that replaceable.

Some of these things were personal, some professional. But I let each little thing build and build until finally, today I cracked.

And then, I realized something. I realized that because I was so focused on all of the negative I was letting the good pass right on by.


I have an amazing line up of 2017 brides that I can’t wait to finish up my season with! And then, each and every 2018 bride make me so excited that I can’t help but talk to everyone about them even though for some we are over a year away from their wedding!
I realized that my self-worth is defined only by me. And that no one else can take that away. Regardless of how little they think they can make me feel. And I know that people say things all the time. Sometimes they mean it. Sometimes they made a mistake. Regardless, they are just words. And I can’t let myself get caught up in it.


We are just a little over half way through 2017 and I have grown 1000% since this time last year. I have met and befriended some amazing men and women in my industry. I now help to lead a group for creatives that strives to bring everyone together. I started and am currently updating a blog that this time last year didn’t exists and now, more than 150 people read it every time I post!

I have found my style. I have rediscovered my passion and I have a voice. I have clients who are so amazing and appreciate and find so much value in what I can give them that they are often more excited to have images to show the future generations of their family what love really looks like that even I am to give them that gift. I have done nothing but put love out into the world, and when I really take a moment I see that it has come back to me in greater volume that I ever could have anticipated.


So I wanted to say something today. I wanted to be vulnerable. I couldn’t be that happy person all day today. I needed to be real and reset myself.

So now, I can truly say, without any hesitation, thank you. If you have read this far you are my reason. You are my happy place and you are why I pulled the covers down today and got to it.
I hope you never change, and that you continue to put out all of your love into the world because you really are making it a better place. At least for one person.

And if you’re sitting there wondering if you ended up dishing out some bad this week/month/year just know that it’s okay. Thats what being human is. And regardless, you have so many people, me included, that are cheering you on, rooting for you, and are so excited to see you succeed that our chants of joy might just make our voice crack!

And tonight I’ll be saying thank you for the bad days, because they make the good ones so much brighter.


  1. You’re a peach Samantha Paige Muhr! Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks. Love you and so glad my nephew found a smart one to share his life with :)

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