Want to know a fun fact about me? Something I don’t usually talk about? Yeah, well, here ya go!

I own camo.
Yup, the girl who is obsessed with pastels, peonies and weddings owns some camo pants, a shirt and a bright orange vest. Oh, and lets not forget the orange Elmer Fudd hat. I got that to match the vest. It’s a good look. I promise.
But even though I’m more likely to be in a dress, hauling a camera bag on weekends than looking for animal tracks carrying a backpack I’m proud of the fact that I can do both. I love that my parents taught me hunters safety and wilderness safety when I was young.

I’m really happy that I know how to set up my own tent, and that a little dirt doesn’t scare me. Though, one time I woke up with a frog on my pillow, and that did scare me. But thats another story…

But you guys, my point is that teaching me how to really, really enjoy the great outdoors is one of the best gifts my parents gave me. They taught me skills that I will always have, and have given me so many opportunities to see and do things that many others can only dream of.

That’s why I am so excited to be teaming up with Ladies of the Wild to bring you some Mothers’ Day mini sessions!

Ladies of the Wild is a group of women here in the valley who work to empower women and get them involved with the outdoors. And the completely rock at what they are doing!

I don’t normally photograph families, but with Mother’s Day around the corner I wanted to do something for all of the ladies who wake up everyday and do their best for all of the littles they have running around.

So, if your idea of enjoying the great outdoors includes weeklong backpacking trips or maybe just a walk around the park, join us on April 29th for some fun photos with your kiddos!

We will be out in Fruita and you can theme your mini session however you want! If camo is your game bring it! Is camping your idea of a weekend getaway? We’ve got a tent all set for you! Fishing your favorite past time? We will be by the water in the morning! Just want to dress up and come enjoy some fresh air with your family? No props needed! Just bring you!

Each session will be 30 minutes and includes 20-30 edited images that you can download!

This is one of the only times I will be booking family sessions this year so if you need to update that living room photo be sure to book your spot ASAP! Just fill out the contact sheet and select your first choice time slot!

We will be by a small lake during the AM sessions and will be in a small tree grove during the PM session.

See you in the wild, ladies!



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