We’ve slowly been trying to give each room of our house a makeover. And we’ve managed to do two rooms since we bought it in 2014. So I was beyond thrilled when Kyle finally agreed to take a weekend and re-do the laundry room before I got too busy with weddings this year!

While there are most certainly other rooms that see more use that still need some TLC, the laundry room is one that is small enough to finish in a weekend and was supposed to be fairly easy.
The key word there is SUPPOSED TO.
We hit some glitches here and there – but all in all we were still able to get the entire project done in just 2 1/2 days!

So first things first –

Say hello to the laundry room in all of its original pink glory!
The house hasn’t be painted since it was built in 2000 and we’re not sure who had the great idea to paint the whole house pink – but that was what we had to work with. I’ve hated the color since we bought the place, but it’s taken some time to get everything together.
I didn’t get many before or even during photos because, like I said, we were trying to get everything from wiring a new light to paint to eventually (and unintentionally) shopping for a new washer all in one weekend.
But this should give you an idea of what we had to start. One giant shelf and pink walls.
Fast forward to the end of the weekend and we ended up with a much nicer, and cleaner looking room!
I wanted to paint the majority of it white to help brighten the room since it didn’t have any windows. But we wanted a pop of color and to give it a more decorated feel than just a typical laundry room.
We swapped the one giant shelf for two smaller ones and a cabinet. This gave us some storage space for hiding the ugly stuff and also more vertical space for me to put some of my cute laundry themed finds!
I’m obsessed with succulents. But because there was no natural light in the room I found this cute plastic guy at TJ Maxx.  I love how it adds a pop of nature to a normally industrial feeling space.
The wall tapestry was a Target Clearance find and the blue matches the succulent pot perfectly! I love how it reminds me of Arizona – my second favorite state.
Fun Fact: the same tapestry was featured in Randall Pearson’s house on This Is Us!!
I found an old cutting board at the second hand store and we stained it and repurposed it into a catch-all for the wall! It holds our keys, the dogs stuff and my bag!
The dog hooks are from Ikea while the command hook and gold basket are from Target.
I even found a cute glass and gold box that fits our dryer sheets! This came from Hobby Lobby.
As you may have noticed – the washer changed.
We never intended to replace our old one. Other than being in need of a good scrub down it worked just fine.
Unfortunately, when we were done cleaning it and tried to put it back together the outer plastic tub cracked
All The Way Down.
It was almost $200 to replace it and we just didn’t think the 18 year old washer was worth that. So we ended up picking out a new one!
And, as unintentional as it was – I’m in LOVE.
It sings a little song every time a load is done, which is way nicer to hear than the blaring horn from the other.
Now it’s just a matter of convincing ourselves we need the new dryer too. The look bugs me since they no longer match, but I hate throwing something out that works just fine!
So for now it stays!  2018-04-21_0004.jpg
The dried “Botany Blend” was a cute little last minute find at TJ Maxx. I’m not 100% sold on it yet, but it adds a bit of earth tone back to the room so I kind of like it!
The cute little jar was another Hobby Lobby find. I love how it shows off the color of the washer tabs without being an ugly label.
Close up of my new washer – just because I love it so much!!!!
Both the pink candle and feather print were Target Clearance finds! I love the neutral with a pop of color.
The clothespin print was a freebie I found on Pinterest and the frame was from Michaels.
And there you have it!
The entire thing (not including the new washer) came to $145.55 which was under our $150 budget! We totally blew that out of the water with the Washer purchase, but we consider that to be a “major home purchase” not a remodel purchase, so it came out of a different account.
Other things I didn’t mention yet were the cabinet knobs which were from Hobby Lobby. The light was a REStore find that we spray painted black. Both the white and blue paint were Valspar from Lowes.


  1. Ooooo! I love it so much! It looks awesome! I remember when I was there and we were talking about your desire to do that room and the guest room. I feel like it makes doing laundry so much better when it’s pretty! Eeeee! Love it!

    When I grow up I want my blog photos to look 1/8 as nice as these lol.

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