The music started and everyone rose out of their seats and looked back.
Across the meadow, Valerie stood with both her own father and her soon to be father-in-law. 
Every step she took was filled with excitement. The entire day was filled with joy.
But there was something very, very special about this particular walk down the aisle.
It’s one of those moments that little girls dream about. Walking down the aisle to the person they love more than anything in this world. And it was one moment that Valerie very nearly didn’t get.
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Samantha – 2018 CMU GRAD


Because of my job I tend to mark the passing of time by season, rather than month. If it’s raining it’s spring. If it’s 80 and sunny, it’s spring and if it snows, it just might be spring. Colorado can never seem to make up her mind which season is which.
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