Happy Thursday friends! I can’t believe we’re already back here! These days things just seem to go by so fast! That is one reason why I started Thursday Thoughts – just to take a moment and remember everything that made our week so fun and fast-paced. So if you missed last weeks wrap-up head here first and then – well read on for some fun, maybe-something, maybe-nothing moments from our week!


  • I can officially rap the entire soundtrack to Hamilton. I think this is a life accomplishment worth noting. Kyle wishes I had never purchased the soundtrack.
  • I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Which is a really really big deal, because the Ryan family recipe is not something to be messed with, at least according to Grandma Tollhouse. Bless her soul, but she’s found her match. I found the recipe on Pinterest here, and let me tell you, it wont disappoint. A golden brown on the outside soft and gooey on the inside and huge. In our personal opinion, the best way to eat them is standing in the middle of the kitchen right after they come out of the oven while we pass the milk jug back and fourth. But that’s just us.
  • We fixed the roof leak that was discovered last week, and now we’re determined to put a positive spin on the event. Soooo… our master bedroom is getting a full makeover. Right down to the drywall (not necessarily by choice)! I started gathering supplies this week. And the most logical place to start was with new throw pillows. Am I Right?! But in all seriousness, I already can’t wait to do a reveal blog post for this one!
  • We have made our way through almost all of the documentaries on Netflix. So we’ve moved on to the PBS Youtube channel. It’s been…interesting.
  • We’re gearing up for our first ever yard sale. Kyle has finally decided to part with the massive hat collection he’s had boxed up since we moved for the first time in 2010.
  • I attended the Vista View Events grand opening. And Oh My Gosh you guys! This place is stunning! I didn’t bring my pro gear, but was able to snap some fun shots of Meaghan on my iPhone! 2018 brides – this one is for you!!! The light there is so perfect!!


  • Our dear friends had their gender reveal party and it got me really thinking about weather or not we would/could wait for it to be a surprise. I spent way more time on this thought than is healthy for someone who is NOT expecting. But hey, what’s a girl to do.
  • It was Mother’s day! We each got to have bruch with our mom and since we don’t have any kids yet this was our theme song. But really – I have no idea how all you supermoms do what you do!

And that’s a wrap folks! Be sure to check back next week and lets stay caught up all week long – I’m blogging five days a week now! You can check out my entire blog here! Here’s to a short Friday and a fun weekend filled with the people and things you love.

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