Happy June!! And it just so happens to be a Thursday! So welcome to edition 4 of Thursday Thoughts! With the holiday weekend it’s been a crazy few days and I seem to have really lost myself this week. But we’re here, and we made it!
So here you go, our maybe-something, maybe-nothing moments and thoughts from this week!

  • the XLR bowling team took 4th place in their first league! Keep up the good work guys!!!
  • Kyle’s boss is a true blessing. I am so thankful he has found this new job
  • We attended our first JUCO (Junior College World Series) game in years. I know nothing of baseball except I’m thankful for seats in the shade.
  • Sometimes all you need is an impromptu Tuesday date night.
  • I was lucky enough to have lunch with both of our sisters this week. Sometimes life goes so fast!
  • I need a live-in hair and makeup professional because they can do amazing things in half the time it takes me to get my eyeliner kinda even.
  • I am an avid business and non-fiction reader. One of my favorite things is getting to use one of the key ideas from those books in real life. It’s a little win that only you know about. And also a great excuse to talk about the book!
  • Just a little reminder for the week. You really never know what others have going on. Sometimes even the happiest, sweetest of friends need a shoulder and an open ear.
  • It’s June y’all! I can’t explain how excited I am for this month!!
  • Also, I finally found peonies in town!!! Can we just get a Trader Joe’s already?!

If this is your first Thursday Thoughts you can get all caught up with edition 1, edition 2, and edition 3!

Be sure to check back all week for new sessions and blogs!

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